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Unofficial COVID-19 PH Tracker

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Sourced data from Johns Hopkins University, the New York Times, Worldometers, and Apple reports to give you a comprehensive view of the data.

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Developed by Vicente G. Reyes
A Self-Directed Learner, a Freelance Web Developer, a Volunteer Developer at Project Website, Moderator at DEV, & a Podcast host.

Mon, Aug 2 2021



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Total Active Cases

62,615 total active cases

The number of cases of people who have the virus.

Total Cases

1,605,762 total cases

The number of cases of people who have tested positive.

Total Deaths

28,093 total deaths

The number of cases of people who have passed away.

Total Recovered

1,515,054 total cases recovered

The number of cases of people who have recovered from the virus.

What's up with this disease?

There are 111,157,453 people in the country. Out of One Million, 150,581 only have been tested. There is one case for every 69 people, 3,957 death cases, and 563.3 active cases per One Million. 18.2 are critical, and 13,629.8 have recovered per One Million people.

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About the maker

As a Freelance Webflow/Django/Shopify Developer, I couldn't help but think to add another side-project on my portfolio of projects which made ne decide to develop this website for everyone.

This site provides data on the coronavirus cases from the worldometers page and other important websites, provided by the most reputable organizations and statistical offices in the world. You can check the API data on

The site uses cookiecutter-django as the backend technology, Docker & icons8 for the icons. Web hosting is sponsored by Digital Ocean.

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